Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Year with CBWM...

On July 16th last year, I started my first day at Coldwell Banker Ward & Misenheimer. I can't believe it's been a whole year! This morning I was greeted with beautiful flowers from my very thoughtful bosses. How grateful I was to feel so appreciated! (Can you believe I hadn't even remembered what day it was! I was very touched to know that not only did the guys remember the day, but that they also bought flowers in definitely made my week!)

Over the year I have learned alot in the ways of marketing, real estate, and time(and people!)management. I count myself extremely thankful to be in a more casual, family oriented workplace where I can call many of my co-workers friends and am regularly treated to Panera Bagels and other sweet surprises. Though work is work, and there are good days as well as busy and somewhat frustrating days, I am overall very glad and proud to be here. The theme of the year...practice and patience.(A recurring theme I feel outside of the workplace as well!) Although I feel well past the daunting learning curve and completely confident in my position here, I continue to be challenged daily and look forward to learning and growing with this company in the upcoming year :)

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Jen said...

Hey Rebecca!! That would be SO FUN!!! I'm sure Ellie would LOVE to meet Piper!!! :) And we would love to see you and Chris!! Please do put a link to our blog on yours- I appreciate you asking!! I can't wait to meet your precious pup!! When do you get him/her??