Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adventures in Cupcakes...

"A Learning Experience" would be the perfect summary to my first time baking and making icing from scratch. Suffice it to say that my past baking experiences have been aided by the expertise of Betty Crocker, Duncan Heines, and the like. I've love to bake, and am lately finding much joy and satisfaction from being creative in the kitchen.
To the seasoned baker, these tips will sound very comical I'm sure. However, if your a beginner like me, you might find this helpful!

Attention amateur baker, these tips are for you!

1. Soften butter does not mean "melt" butter....after thorough investigation, I think this was my biggest culprit.
2. "Sift" is not a word one should read over lightly...get a sifter!(Herein lied my consistency issue)
3. Generally, wet and dry ingredients are best when mixed separately.
4. Cake flour is indeed different than regular flour.
5. Similarly, there is a difference in regular food coloring and cake food coloring.
6. "Overbeating" is an easy trap to fall into...resist the temptation.
6. Practice makes perfect!

I look forward to learning from my mistakes here and meeting my next cake with success!


pastor justin said...

The lady bug ones were great!

Jen said...

i love it! FYI: There's also bread flour :) Good luck with your next baking endeavor! I bet your cupcakes were delicious...thanks for your new address!!

Amy K said...

Just so you know, there is a diffence in "2 cups of sifted flour" and "2 cups of flour sifted." Keep on doing the trial-on-error thing! That's really what cooking is all about! :)