Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thank's Petunia!

Don't throw away your pennies! Almost a year ago, I bought a cute piggie bank whom Chris and I named "Petunia." While we were not always faithful to feed Petunia our change, we did manage to fill here up with lots of unwanted pennies and random pocketfuls of change. Tonight, we took here to the local Coinstar at Lowes Food to see our months of pennies and patient saving turn to cash. I wasn't expecting too much, and was pleasantly surprised to reap $36.91 from our piggy bank's belly!! While this may not seem like a huge feat, I was very excited about it. We are also on the "keep the change" program with Bank of America, and love to see our excess change turn into savings. I encourage you to save those unwanted pennies, they may pay off one day...For now, we decided to put our small reward in the "Piper Fund." God willing, we will be adding a new addition to our family in the next few months...a puppy named Piper:)

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