Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bicycle Adventures and other fun things!

In an effort to become more active, find more quality time and soak up a nice dose of Vitamin D, Chris and I have recently discovered the joys of riding bikes! We even make it official with a bike rack, as demonstrated in the top left photo. (Note to self and others: don't waste your time trying to squeeze a full size bike into a honda civic) It has been a fun adventure for us so far, and we look forward to sunny Spring days when it's not so brisk and windy! I wasn't aware of how out of shape my body really was, and am glad to feel like I'm taking some baby steps at least to a more healthier me.

In other news, in start contrast to my healthy kick I have developed a fierce addiction to girl scout cookies. :) Caramel Delights to be exact. really is the small things that make your day. It's probably a good thing they only sell them once a year, lol. For all of you girl scout cookie fans, March 15th is the last day so stock up!

We've been very busy lately! We had a great Valentines day, our first as a married couple. Last weekend Chris' mom and sister came to NC, and our church held a conference with Sam Storms. On the work front, Spring really is proving itself to be a very busy season for real estate. Though the day does go by faster when your busy, it seems lately that my to do list grows and grows faster than i can check things off! And unfortunately, with lots of projects, deadlines, and many new listings on the horizon, I don't see a calm sea in the near future. Nevertheless, I am thankful for a steady job where I am encouraged and affirmed in my work, and am learning from new experiences daily. Busy as it may be, it's not so bad after all. I look forward to my girl scout cookies when I get home:) (And seeing my adorable husband of course!)

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