Monday, March 17, 2008

Random things...

Nothing to new to report here; newlywed life has settled into a delightfully regular routine. This weekend Chris and I went grocery shopping, got the oil in my car changed, rented a movie and took a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap after church.
I would like to share a great and thrifty discovery we made on Friday night. It is called the "Red Box," and they are located in Harris Teeters. Chris had a friend recommend this, and because we were eating out at the Panda King right next to the grocery store, we decided to try it out. The Red Box is like a $1 vending machine for movies. New Movies too!! I was a bit skeptical at first, but i've since become a believer. There is a GREAT selection of movies, which is updated regularly with new releases. We rented "Dan in Real Life," for just a dollar, when we would have paid almost $5 at Blockbuster! The only catch is that you have to return the movie the next day, and even then it's only a dollar late fee/day. I strongly recommend trying it out, i predict this saving us a lot of money! By the way, "Dan in Real Life" was a great movie; clean, family friendly and funny to! Hard to come by these days.
In other news, girl scout cookie season is officially over. I'm freezing a box to open on my birthday! Hopefully i can make it to July! The way time is moving so fast lately, I'm sure it will be here and gone before i know it. Speaking of, I can't believe it's Spring already :)

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