Thursday, March 24, 2016

Four months

And just like that, he is four months old.  Hello hands, rolling belly laughs and monster grip. Drool, I did not miss you. Call me a broken record, but I love this age!

Asher Elliot loves his brothers and bathtime. He continues to be more of a movement and music baby, and is always a captive and eager audience to daddy's guitar. And not surprising, he is a mama's boy thru and thru(x3 hehe)-how lucky am I?!
We are so thankful that Mr. Piglet is happy and healthy. Tipping the scale at 15 pounds, 13 oz and measuring 25.5 inches long, Asher is on track to be our biggest babe. This is pretty ironic considering he was the smallest at birth.

Also making headlines this month he got to meet his Aunt Sami and cousin Jake. More on that surprise visit to come. :-)
Happy 4 months buddy! Our cup overflows!

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