Thursday, October 22, 2015

My 3 Sons...

As we approach the arrival of baby boy #3, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my band of brothers, and give a quick baby update. Here we go, youngest to oldest. :-)
This past weekend my sweet friends thew me the most thoughtful "baby sprinkle." It was adorable and so creatively crafty going along with our nautical theme. I am so grateful to be able to share this journey of motherhood with some awesome ladies. Not to mention the brunch was delicious and there was bacon-enough said! Hashtag-#TheWayToAPregoWomansHeart. And thanks to all of our special gifts I'm happy to say our little nautical nursery is complete and ready for this little one to come!

Baby boy is almost 36 weeks along and still very active. My last OB apt was pleasantly uneventful, and to our surprise the doctor seeing me predicted a 7 pound babe-HA, dare to dream! Anyhow, I can barely believe we'll be meeting this squirmy squish in just over 3 short weeks. As we're set for a scheduled cesarean I believe the only thing I haven't checked off my to do list is packing our hospital bags. Other than that I've been in full on nesting mode around the house. The refrigerator and newly steamed carpets are eternally grateful. I would also add that I have arrived at that very uncomfortable point in this pregnancy, and pray the end passes quickly!
Moving on to my soon to be middle child, Bennett is our wild, strong willed, sweet as sugar love. He moves to the drum of the energizer bunny and can positively melt you with his kind heart. His favorite activities would be eating(he's still our foodie!), sidewalk chalk(because he loves being outside), and as always annoying his big brother. ;-) He is full of personality and keeps us on our toes. Just last week we experienced our first visit to the emergency room after he fell backwards off our tall kitchen stools and took the side of our dog's crate with him. It was quite the scary gash and ended in six staples to the back of his head-eeks! He was a true trooper through it all and seriously-this kid barely cried for more than a minute through the whole ordeal, "stapling" included. We were beyond proud of him and his brave attitude did wonders to calm my mama's heart. And by the way, taking them out was no different- tough cookie he is barely flinched!
(Let the record show...)
A soccer star in the making, he has really enjoyed this Fall season on the more competitive 4 year old league. Even so, I think we'll be taking a break after this to let him grow into his age bracket and enjoy playing in our backyard in the meantime. I think his personality is perfectly captured in this "Firebirds" team picture below. Can you say goofball?!
He makes me smile!
  B bear is also really enjoying preschool this year, and is always so proud to show me what he has in his backpack that day. All that colorful crafting is right up his ally, and I hear he's the apple of many an eye there. :-)
 Last but not least, my big boy Evan has grown up so much this year. Even physically he looks much taller to me, and it's a joy to see his little mind grow leaps and bounds as we embark on this first year of homeschooling together.
He loves drawing and has really honed his craft over the last few months. It's neat to see a skill improve so literally on paper. I can barely keep up with his drawings and am so thankful for all those .17 cent notebooks we bought at Walmart at the beginning of the school year. He has a knack for color, and thankfully is becoming more comfortable with the eraser. As a whole, he has a slight perfectionist bent to his personality so I'm thankful he's more comfortable now simply erasing a mistake rather than unreasonably fretting and having to start from scratch each time. Again, growth! I can't even express how cool it is to see, over time, how much he learns and improves in his schoolwork. 

This creative spirit loves to swim and so we are just now nearing the end of a Swim America class through our local rec program. I'm so proud of how well he's done in a short time. He looks forward to his swimming lessons and has so much fun while he's there. Plus, it's a great outlet for him to take direction and leadership from other adults and of course to meet new friends.
Speaking of friends, Evan loves his buddies and is has quite the social calendar for a 5 year many birthday parties lol! In any case, I'm thankful he's such a friendly dude and has a great and diverse group of kiddos to play with whether it be through church life, our growing mom's group, sports, neighbors or local homeschool circles.
I'll wrap up Evan with his love of all things animals and still sensitive soul. He's also grown into more of a picky eater like his mama, but I'm convinced could eat fruit all the live long day-so there's that. Fun fact-the most popular snack around here is baby carrots-likely because that's the only thing they have freedom to "have at" and open the refrigerator themselves for. Mommy for the win! Overall, both of my boys are strong, healthy eaters and Chris and I both dread the day we have 3 teenage boys raiding our pantry. Oh my!

I love my boys at these fun ages of 3 and 5 and can't wait to see what kind of personality and flavor this new guy brings to our family. :-)

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