Saturday, October 10, 2015

Apples and Pumpkins, oh my!

There is no end to festive Fall activities in and outside of the classroom-just ask Pinterest!  The boys and I enjoyed exploring the new season with a small, homegrown unit study on apples and pumpkins this past week. Our favorite activity by far was making this chart above-the "Apple Taste Test." We polled our friends and family via texts, facebook and phone to see which flavor apple they liked the best-red, green, or yellow-and charted our results. As you can see, out of the 30 or so people polled -red apples were the clear winner. 

Best quote of the week -"Mmm, math is delicious!"

We also examined and drew out the parts of an apple with worksheets like this, and the real thing of course.
I ordered these Nat Geo Kids books from a Scholastic fair last year and predict reading them for many Falls to come. They are simple & sweet, and I look forward to Evan reading them to me next year. :-)
The highlight of the week was our much anticipated field trip with our local homeschool group to Vollmer farms. After a record breaking 12 days of rain here in eastern NC, a beautiful 80 degree day on the farm was just what the doctor ordered. The excitement began behind two large tractor wheels with the traditional hayride and ended with exhausted, happy kiddos and one spent mama!
After the hayride we had so much fun making butter, learning about the hardworking bees, sandpaper tongued cows and Americana chickens. And then there was a donkey, and a beautiful baby horse.
I can't imagine how many pictures my kiddos have taken in front of John Deere tractors-NC natives!
Then we moved on to the most awesome playground complete all sorts of fun slides, tire attractions, slingshots, castles of hay for climbing and this lovely pool of corn kernels. I'm sure we could have camped out there for hours.
Last but not least, we topped the week off with two words-apple pie!
Warm apple pie and whipped cream-welcome back Fall!

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