Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Boo-tacular fun!

It's Halloween week, and while we don't necessarily celebrate the "spooky" side of this holiday, you just can't deny the pumpkin bucket full of sugary, Fall fun it brings.
In spite of our lingering sicknesses, we started off the week with our traditional Halloween playdate with my mom's group. It's amazing to see how this group picture changes every year! Yoda and the storm trooper had a ton of fun with their friends and came home with rosy and crisp, icing encrusted faces and pockets full of starburst.
I made the best of my efforts getting them dressed to take their individual costume pics. Star Wars for the win this year! Without a doubt the light sabers bring it home.
This face?!!! Oh my Bennett...
That's more like it...
In school news we've done quite a few Halloween/Fall inspired crafts. I found this awesome little project on the skeletal system from "teachers pay teachers" for free and it fit perfectly into the start of our human body study. Not to mention what goes better with Halloween than skeletons? We've also discovered the world of color by number, which at this point may or may not be a Pandoras box of wasted computer paper. Note to self-just say no!
Speaking of just saying no, I couldn't resist these inspired donuts a la Dunkin this morning...yet another perk of homeschooling to share a special breakfast with my big boy over handwriting and phonics work.
 Below is a picture straight from Evan's own artistic juices-he colored this 100% unassisted during his "quiet time" and was so proud to show it off. This is his "jackolantern" face. Hehe.
And the fun's not over yet. We have many tricks and treats(okay more treats) planned for the weekend...have a safe and happy Halloween friends!

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