Monday, April 27, 2015

5 years and counting

Can we take a mommy moment of silence for the fact that this boy is 5 years old?! I mean I know how it happened, I was there for every good, bad and in between day of it. Still, it seems surreal that we've got an upcoming Kindergartener on our hands. I'm just not ready for the next stage of legos(insert scary music here!).

As this is the year of no birthday "party-parties," the festivities were low key, stress free and perfectly delightful-with a cherry from Fro Yo on top! Earlier this week I brought in birthday cupcakes-chocolate and Transformer themed per special request-to his preschool class. He was beaming for most of that day I know he felt so special to wear his super cool birthday sticker and be serenaded Happy Birthday by his sweet school friends.
On Saturday, which was his actual birthday, I planned a family birthday dinner with special guests Gigi and Poppi. On the menu were his favorite foods-barbeque chicken on the grill, strawberries, blueberries, sweet corn on the cob and peas(because I made him pick something green). After dinner he was thoroughly spoiled with presents-transformers, legos, an optimus prime costume, books and fun games from family. Our boys are so well loved, and I don't take it for granted. The present opening resembled more of a tornado of sorts, he whizzed from present to present so fast-I know he was jumping in his skin(figuratively and literally) to know what was underneath each colorful package and bow! No doubt we'll take some time to really enjoy each present once the birthday jitters wear down. 

Next was dessert at Cheerio, a local FroYo place. Both boys went for the strawberry lemonade sorbet mixed with cake batter and topped with all sorts of gummy delights. FroYo was a first for Gigi and Poppy and I'm happy to say they were quick converts-Gigi even went for seconds! :-)
We were sad to miss Grandma, but had a wonderful pre-birthday celebration with her earlier this month in Washington D.C. We rode the "fast trains," toured the Dinosaur aka Smithsonian and Air & Space museums, ate our weight in Easter candy and even caught a fun swim at the hotel pool.
All in all a great time celebrating this first born boy of ours. Happy birthday love, I can't wait for all of our adventures in Kindergarten that wait before us!

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