Saturday, April 11, 2015

Let the games begin!

Today was opening day for our city's baseball and soccer programs, and Bennett's very first kick into sports.
The morning started off bright, cool and early with another great opening ceremony for the baseball teams. Of all the things Wilson may lack, a great sports program is not one of them. I'm continually impressed by the community investment and the volunteer/sponsor efforts every year. Evan is on team "building blocks" this year in the big boy leagues, and I think it'll be a great season of learning for him.
After Opening Ceremony we hopped over to the soccer fields for Bennett's first "smart start" practice.
To be honest I was on the fence about starting the Bennett bear in soccer this season. After we had Evan playing baseball at 2/3 yrs we decided we were cukoo cukoo for cocoa cocoa puffs and that we wouldn't have our kids play sports until at least age 4 or 5. And then came Bennett...what can I say, he's a sporty kind of dude. Plus, bless his soul I couldn't imagine him sitting through all of Evan's games and practices this season without something of his own. All of that to say, I'm happy to report we made the right decision-he had so much fun!!!
And, I was super impressed-though not surprised- at how well he did keeping up and after the ball. He definitely has more of an aggressive(in a good, take initiative sort of way) athletic bent and this is a great outlet for him. The program is totally age appropriate and a great introduction to the basic skills of soccer through super fun stations and an awesome team of mentors and coaches. Plus it's just plain adorable. And, we get to enjoy it with friends which is always a bonus!
 (This pic above was taken by my friend Kaylene-thanks for capturing the moment!)
Bennett was our little soccer star of the morning and was glowing in his Campbell orange jersey. :-) I may be biased but he's got some pretty cool skills for a 3 year old, and I can definitely see more soccer in our future! After his practice we headed over to finish the day with baseball. I was so proud of Evan in his game for trying his best, having a good attitude and flying solo without mommy on the field.
Needless to say, our morning was full and exhausting, but these boys had a ball!
This is their "excited about Roo cups" faces.  Both boys got one for being part of their programs this year, I see many slurpee runs this summer!


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soo.. the roo cup got Rory to eat her lunch today. Or rather, the promise of a roo cup fill-up. She was so excited to have something in it, even if she had no idea what a slurpee was.