Monday, May 5, 2014

Here's to Summer...

Spring has painted us green with pollen and sprung a busy season upon us. In Sesame Street style, April is brought to us by the letter "B" and "Busy" is the word of month. Baseball, birthdays and baby showers. A Raleigh refinance, adding a part-time job, and Easter oh my! Oh. my. Wait, is it May already?!

If I'm honest with myself, I tend to glorify being "busy." I love myself a full and colorful calendar. Penning playdates, mops meetings and this or that appointment on my beloved dry erase board gives me joy and dare I say...pride? Somewhere along the road in this stay at home mom life I think I confused "busy" with "important." As if a mommy and me gymnastics practice or a junior women's club meeting gave my day to day life more meaning...validation even. Lie. Enter the glorification of busy. I have so many thoughts here, and could go on for a while but I digress...the point being, that when so many peripheral things fill up our schedule, the most important things tend to get pushed to the side. Quality time with my family for one. And I'm pretty sure that's my love language-quality time.

Tickling and chasing and spinning the morning away in our pajamas, rather than rushing out the door in a tizzy dressed down in wrinkled shirts and grumpy faces. Time spent teaching and loving and snuggling my boys who are growing way too fast. Time spent face to face at the kitchen table, talking and teaching table manners- not rushed through the "Old McDonald had a farm's" drive through on the way to this or that. How about freshly laundered clothes that get washed, dried AND put away in the same day(okay, that last one may be a bit ambitious-crazy talk even-laundry will never be my top priority lol!).  All that to say, it's easy to become busy with the wrong things, and loose sight of the most important thing. My continued prayer in this season is that the Lord would give us wisdom to be busy about the things that do matter, to truly treasure the gifts He's given us and cut away those things that waste our time and energy. Lately I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with all we've got going on this month, and as a result I'm sure have not been the very best wife and mom I could be. In this place, I am thankful for grace and new mornings-and the promise of summer on the horizon.
Not that I'm putting all of my eggs in the summer basket, but yes, I'm putting some pressure on this next season. I'm not one to be lazy at all, but can I just tell you how much I'm looking forward to those proverbial lazy days of summer. Practically I think it will be a slower couple of months for us. For one, work is settling into a nice rhythm now that I'm mostly over the learning curve, and our refinance is now behind us-whew! Baseball will soon come to an end, MOPS and church activities will take a break. If ever we needed to rest, I feel the weight of it now-and how perfect, summer to the rescue!

I pray summer leaves us refocused, re-energized, content in all things and-a little less busy. And not to mention, gorgeously tan...

Okay, that last one was Olaf speaking-I'll go ahead and date stamp this post with a nod to "Frozen.";-)

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