Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Picture Rewind-Easter and Evan's Birthday

In true four year old fashion, Evan's birthday turned into a bit of a marathon this year. I'm not sure how that keeps happening-but oh well, there's plenty of birthday love to go around! A quick recap...
First he had a fun little celebration at his preschool, where the parents bring in a birthday snack and the class sings happy birthday. Unlike the great majority of his class though, Evan was adamant that we ditch the cupcakes and bring" apples" for his friends instead. This boy is a fruit monster, and takes his apple a day prescription very serious. Anywho, I obliged(because I'm supermom) and dressed up apple slices with some sprinkled yogurt dip to make it a bit more festive. I was a teeny bit worried the kids wouldn't respond well to apples over cake, but it was a big hit with his school friends! Yay!
That weekend we celebrated the actual day of his birthday in Goldsboro with my Gigi and Poppi. It was a fun afternoon full of Chucky Cheese, pizza and banana pudding(again, his request) topped off with family presents and a quick trip to the park.  
His "friend party" was the next week at our local strawberry patch. It was especially nice that grandma could make it down from PA for a visit to celebrate with us. This was definitly a casual affair but so much fun! It was really more of a birthday themed "playdate" that slowly but surely snowballed into a full blown party. It started with some friends, strawberries, picnic and the park. Out of no where Evan started asking about his "cake"-I should have known it was coming! He decided he was having an R2-D2 cake, which was perfect since I snagged some awesome star wars party supplies 70% off at Target in the weeks before. And then came the pinata talk. I was going to skip over this detail hoping he wouldn't notice but literally the day before he was very sweetly reminding me of it and well, you know the rest of the story. Just in case you're wondering, it's beyond difficult to find a star wars themed pinata in a small town like Wilson on short notice. We ended up finding a pretty generic one at 5 below(score!) and tapping one of the star wars plates on it. Ghetto? Sure. Four year old approved? Yes-and that's all that matters!

We asked his friends to bring donations for the Wilson Pregnancy Center in lieu of presents-nonetheless he still got some awesome presents. We are blessed to have some pretty amazing friends!
Gigi came through with the most amazing-and delicious-cake ever!

All in all it was a wonderful (week) of celebrating Evan. We have some pretty amazing friends and family. I don't have any pictures of his biggest present-his first ever big boy blue bike- but rest assured they will come.  Now, let's back up a few weeks earlier to Easter...
We enjoy celebrating the death and resurrection of our Jesus all year long, but Easter Sunday gives us special pause to reflect and encourage one another in that truth. And, it may be the only time of the year we get a family picture. Three out of four, not bad at all.
On a last note, my mom and I contined our Easter dress shopping tradition this year and I am madly in love with these new shoes. Thanks for keeping me stylish mama! Now that I'm caught up on April, it's time to jump into May-suncreen, bug spray and all.
 And since this was an Evan heavy post...here's some Bennett love!

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