Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our boys

It's amazing to me how God could gift us with two children that are entirely different from one another. Peanut butter and jelly really. It's a blessing to be at home with them and so intimately familiar with their growing personalities. When I'm not too distracted with lesser things, it's easy to see just how fearfully and wonderfully made they are. Of course, at their tender ages of 2 and 4 these differences are the source of many tears and bring out the referee mom in me daily. Someday though, I know they'll make for the perfect partners in crime. After all, it takes all types to make the world go round, and how good is peanut butter without jelly anyway?
At 4 years old, Evan is my silly, wiggly boy. He is sweet and still very tender hearted. One of our MOPS topics this year was connecting with your kids and their personalities. I did the assessments on both of my boys and surprise-they were pretty much opposite! Evan came out as "Amiable" which I definitely agree with. Laid back, content, happy go lucky....There was a joke made in the video we watched that amiable kids are the ones with the attitude of "why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lay down." Of course, we all got a good laugh, and all I could picture in my laughter was Evan laying at the top of the stairs pleading "I can't move, my legs are broken...caarrryyy meeee pwease." I did appreciate the point of our talk though, that we can get so wrapped up in stand out negatives that we eclipse the good and miss the great potential to be wielded from those very special personalities. For example, while amiable people are the ones who will usually go for the path of least resistance, they are also the peacemakers. Often times I worry that Evan is sensitive to a fault, but every now and then I'll get a glimpse of this real empathy for others that he has, and think what a compassionate person he is going to be. So maybe being sensitive isn't so bad after all-so long as we can get a grip on the whining that is...

Another interesting facet of his personality I'm seeing lately is his love language-acts of service. He appreciates things I do for him, and I mean REALLY appreciates and notices them. He is quick to offer above and beyond thanks for even the smallest of every day things. It should be said here that I expect my kids to be polite and well mannered but I don't make them say thank you for every little thing. Evan will hug his freshly laundered, warm sheets close to his chest and say with a smile "thank you for washing my sheets mommy." Routine snacks elicit great levels of excitement and wide eyes..."oh thank you for my getting my animal crackers mommy." After cleaning his room... "WOW you're the best cleaner in the whole world." And this to boot, from a mother's day worksheet he filled in at school- "I love my mommy because...she takes me to school." Yes, it's the little, practical things that are big to him-they make me feel pretty big too.
Other things I love about Evan at this age...his HUGE monster laugh, how he says "hey" to most everyone and perpetually mispronounces words like strawberries("Strawbabies") and invention(conventions...as in, "look at my conventions!"). I love his conventions-he continues to be pretty "enginer-y." And, he is really the most friendly thing. I am blown away at how well he's thrived in preschool this past year.

Things we're working on-eye contact, pencil grip, and grumpy mood swings-the last of which I'm convinced is due to his sleeping patterns, either from waking WAY too early in the morning or napping too long/late in the afternoon.

And now, for my fierce and funny Valentine...
I can't imagine our lives without Bennett. He adds so much volume and spice to this house! Oh my B-bear. I think this child will always be my baby. He is a total cheeseball and continually keeps us on our toes. And those blond curls? I melt. Yes, it's safe to say he get's away with murder around here.
As I said before, these brothers are so different! If Evan is my sleeper, then Bennett is my eater. You would never know it looking at his small and mighty frame, but this boy can pack away some food. And, he's no discriminator of food either-I'm praying this sticks! Another stand out difference in my boys is that Evan tends to be more inward and thoughtful(of course, he is 4 and can certainly ham it up with the best of them!), while Bennett is almost always full of expression and all show. And, where Evan prefers his mischief veiled in silence, Bennett has nothing to hide. He is definitely more stubborn and strong willed and fits well into the "Driver" category of the afor mentioned personality assessments. Again I need to remind myself of awesome potential here-leader!

This little one's love language is quality time...which gives me basically no time to do anything alone. One day I 'll miss it. One day I'll miss it. One day I'll miss it...this is the mantra that gets me through unloading the dishwasher with a 27 pound child attached to my leg.

Funny Bennett-isms...he's gotten pretty good at Frozen ballads and loves to give "warm hugs" like Olaf the snowman. He adds an hard "g" ending to most words, making me "Ma-gi" and Chris "Da-gi." Though he doesn't watch much tv for any amount of time, "Despicable Me" is his favorite movie and loves to get down with Yo Gabba Gabba gang. I should add that in spite of his more rough and tumble personality he has a very soft and nurturing side. He's been known to cart around a doll or two outside of this house, and never fails to come out of his room(from waking up) without a stuffed animal. He loves his big brother, and copies his every move-and word. I'm not sure when it happened but it seems like overnight Bennett has started talking in full sentences, and parrots Evan constantly.

And, he loves a good bow-tie.
I love these precious boys so much! They are both so awesome in their own right, and I'm beyond grateful to call them mine. :-)

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Adrienne Studebaker said...

so fun, watching personalities and differences emerge and develop. They are cuties, for sure. Great photos, as always!