Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To Grandma's House we...went!

Last week the boys and I traveled to PA for our much anticipated trip to Grandma's house. Early Saturday morning we loaded snacks and sleepy babies and backed down our driveway for Bennett's longest roadtrip yet! Just 6 and a half hours later, we met Grandma and Grandpa Tim at the Pennsylvania state sign.
The boys loved every minute with Grandma! We ooed and awed at zebras and giraffes at the Philydelphia zoo, played big at the local Chucky Cheese, saw the sharks at the Adventure Aquarium and more! At home the boys enjoyed waking early(a toddler's version of sleeping in I'm convinced), playing outside with the ducks or at the park, and getting in as much snuggles in as possible.

I especially loved our time at the zoo. We couldn't have dreamt up a more beautiful day to go and the animals were stunning. The big cats were a bit stubborn but the giraffes, rhino and zebra's more than made up for it!
 This is Evan being a Bear. Boy does he make me giggle...
 Did you know turtles eat watermelon?!
Moving along, here are some more pictures from our trip. Our week went by unbelievably fast, and we're already counting down the days till our next Grandma fix. On our way home Evan came alive with stories from the zoo and the aquarium, and is still tickling my ears about sting rays and Mike the Mighty crocodile. :-)
While Evan was a wonderful traveler, Bennett turned out to be a bit of a handful. Thankfully this smile is worth every bit of car seat drama! Thanks again for everything Sharon, we love and miss you!

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