Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Picture Lane

Every once in a while I get this craving to pick up my camera and very simply shoot. I'm not sure if it's because these boys of mine are growing way too fast and I want to capture every moment, or truly because I just love taking these pictures. Like catching up with a close friend after a short season of silence, my camera doesn't sit idol for too long without calling out to me. And when I pick it up by it's pink polka dotted strap and hang the awkward weight of it around my neck, inspiration and focus and happiness abounds. Unless you're going for that perfect Christmas card photo, in which case...disaster lol.

On Saturday we had a post office errand downtown and I took it as the perfect opportunity to spy out some old and new photo ops.  Just for fun, this post is sprinkled with photos from the not so distant past. Remember this colorful place?
Bennett above at 16 mo, Evan below 19 mo
Sometimes I think I'd like to do nothing but just take a walk with my camera. Yes please.
Then and now...can you believe how quickly he's become a little boy?
I love these colors below. Somehow they remind me of Greece and no, I've never been there. I have seen "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" though, and surely that counts for something. ;-)
I love this one above but am kicking myself for leaving the good lens at home. Surely this smile speaks louder than portrait quality anyways right?
I promise there's much more than blue here.
And below, one of those really cool ideas gone awry. But, somehow I think I like this better...one for the "happy accidents" file. 
That concludes this photo stroll for the day, until next time old friend!


Addie said...

I love this spot downtown, too...especially for photo ops. :)! All the colors. And I love the shots of Bennett and Evan in the same spot around the same age. Must feel so bittersweet, looking at those..

Auntie Sami said...

Awe! Cute pics! I love looking @ Evan's baby pictures. I can see a little bit of Jake in his face.