Monday, May 6, 2013

Meal Plan Monday!

Saturday-Lasagna and salad
Cinco de Mayo fellowship dinner with church care group, Mexican style!
Monday-An unusually early 5:30 teeball game=dinner on the fly.
Tuesday-Chicken noodle soup, it's gonna be a rainy day after all.
Wednesday-Burgers on the grill, farmers market fruit/veggie of choice for sides
Thursday-Spinach tortellini...this is becoming a Trader Joe's staple
Friday-Breakfast for dinner, blueberry pancakes with oven baked bacon
You'll notice two new additions to this week-Saturday and Sunday. I rarely if ever plan weekend meals, but am trying to start. We do usually have one built in "go out" night during the week, but often veer off course on the weekends. Our grocery budget may squeeze into a new belt hole, but I know it's much cheaper than eating out and will save money overall. Unless you're talking Little Caesars that is....we are SO doing pizza for lunch this week!

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