Friday, May 3, 2013

My little Tumbler

Almost every time we drive past the Y down Airport Rd., I hear a not so tiny voice from the backseat yell "Gymnastics!!!!"

We have had an awesome time at gymnastics class over these past few months. In addition to excising his little muscles, the gym has been a great environment to exercise those oh so important listening and take your turn skills. We've also made new friends along the way, and could not have asked for a better class.
This has been Evan's first real "teacher-student" structured activity, and we love Miss Sandy!!! It helps that we're all good and familiar friends to start with. :-)  I've loved seeing him learn knew things and conquer the obstacle course with excitement and ease. He's a great little tumbler, and has added few donkey kicks and forward rolls to his resume. If you asked him what his favorite part of class would be, it would probably be our parachute time or freeze dances.
This above photo may be the most attentive I have ever seen him EVER...I'll have to file it for future reference! lol
Bennett's trick of choice by far is the trampoline-his face lights up to jump on it! It was fun to see him get more involved over the course of the class, though he's technically just my sweet tag-a-long. He loves copying big brother and let's face it, an open gym is pretty much a little boys wonderland. After we get all of our wiggles out, Thursday afternoon naps are a dream!

 Actually though, this isn't our first time in a gym. Remember this?
Way back when, a baby Evan took a "bugs" class at the Little Gym in Raleigh. He was 5 months old in this how time flies!

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