Monday, March 18, 2013

Meal Plan Mondays

Last week at MOPS we took a refresher course in the Dave Ramsey financial peace plan, and I was encouraged once again to be more diligent in my meal planning. As a mom, I sometimes feel like my whole day is about "planning." It's just how the cookie crumbles. So, I'm embracing it! Thankful me, I do love a plan.
This would be a good place to pause and remind myself of last week. Last week I did not plan well. Sure, we bought groceries. But somehow, my groceries just didn't "go" together the way I had imagined(or in my case, didn't imagine). Sort of like buying clothes without thinking of the complete "outfit," my food just did not "go" together to make cohesive meals. Result-a lot of eating out, and MUCH more money spent on the fly.  It was even worse than an "I forgot to thaw the chicken so we're ordering pizza" kind of week-even then I'd give myself credit for trying! So, before the weekend I took some extra time to think through my grocery list, and hope my  planning will result in fewer last minute trips to food lion. All of that to say, it's Meal Plan Monday!

Monday-Crockpot chicken and dumplin's (Recipe here)
Tuesday-Minestrone soup and honey cornbread
Wednesday-Taco salad with spanish rice
Thursday-Chicken poppy seed casserole
Friday-Spaghetti and veggies

I'm going trying my hand at a simple homemade artisan bread recipe this week to go alongside some of these meals, and if my boys are especially good will make some chocolate chip cookies for desserts as well. Who am I kidding, for snacks. :-)

Off to crock pot!

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I'm with you! I am currently putting off my planning but I DO have tonight's dinner in the crock pot. You inspired me to stop procrastinating and just DO it.