Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gone Green

Green was the color of the weekend as we celebrated St. Patty's day with friends and family. On Friday we had a picnic at the park with my mom's group, complete with green rice krispe treats, lucky charms, and other festive snacks. It was quite the spread, and we all agreed-based on the cupcakes alone-that we need to do it more often!
 On Saturday we went to Goldsboro for a delicious St. Patty's day barbeque in honor of the McCunne family. Lucky for us, my sister married into the Irish and so we enjoyed another great, green spread.
My sister put together some phenomenal shish-kabobs, and the hubs did an amazing job grilling them up. The weather played catch with us all morning but it ended up being a beautiful, sunny day to eat outside at the picnic table.
Irish twins? Close, but they sure looked cute in their matching outfits!
 Bennett fits right in with the McCune boys. :-) And, he loves his Auntie! Happy St. Patricks day! :-)

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