Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Red, Yellow, Green-It's 2013!

Please forgive the title, I can hardly contain my transportation references from this boy world of mine. ;-)

Hello and welcome 2013! Over the past week or so, there has been a heaping amount of talk on New Years Resolutions. Call me jaded, but I've decided to respectfully decline in declaring any official resolutions. Confession- mine are usually made memories by March.

However, I can certainly appreciate a pause for self reflection and goal setting, and am happy that the start of a new year reminds us to do just that.
(Just one last Christmas picture-I had to squeeze it in!)

In the spirit of becoming more homeward oriented, I've made a few practical plans for home improvement and organization-all scribbled in the monthly margins of my new pink day planner. As a family, there is always room for improvement and I'm excited to grow as a wife and mother in this new year. Specifically, I'd like to figure out this whole meal planning thing and stick to our monthly grocery budget at least once in a blue moon-ha!

God willing, 2013 will be a full and fruitful year for our family. I pray that we would not be anxious for the worries of tomorrow but instead embrace and be thankful for the gifts of today.

I think I'll start with getting this whole potty training thing down...
 ...and then blog about it, because yes, I do plan on blogging more!

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