Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Handsome in Pink!

Yesterday we celebrated Bennett's 11 month birthday with a little FroYo and of course, a front yard photoshoot. Just as I imagined, my little Valentine is super adorable in pink! And might I add, quite the comedian.

Presenting the many faces of Bennett...
These last three pictures are my favorite and sum up this almost one year old's personality well. First, he is a smooth operator and boy can he pull one over me with those sweet eyes! Second, he is always on the go! Just last night I was telling Chris that we may have a daredevil on our hands. I love this last picture because it's simply spot on Bennett. 

You know how you can take some pictures of your kids that just do not look like your kids? Cameras are fantastic inventions and can do many great and terrible things(ie-double chins!). My goal as a mommy photographer is very simple. I want the lens of my camera to be my eyes and to capture my subjects as purely and plainly as they are in that moment.  So here we are, 11 months old, bright eyed with a pink polo on a beautiful day in our front yard. 

Happy 11 months B Bear!

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