Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eight months, pumpkins and deep fried cookies oh my!

Bennett turned 8 months old at the beginning of the week-I can hardly believe it! If you ask me, 8 months is much too close to one and just plain crazy talk. Time has not heeded my requests to slow down, and so we are left in it's dust with an army crawling, wide open mouth giggling, tiny but mighty puller up-er of a baby boy.
Evan is terribly two these days, and I mean that in the best way possible. ;-) At times I wonder if he's accidentally ingested some super hero substance to make his energy level shoot through the roof, and at others I'm sure he's taken a que from Oscar the Grouch or, more fitting to his appetite, the Cookie Monster! Every hour of the day holds different challenges, new discoveries, lessons to learn(and teach), and an explosion of new words.
My boys
We've dabbled in potty training with some success, but decided to slow down and put it on hold for a month or so until he's a bit more articulate with his "number 2's." Oh boy! In other Evan news, we've enjoyed an awesome mommy and me gymnastics class at our Y. It's the perfect outlet for his 80 mile an hour energy, and not to mention good for lessons in patience, listening and waiting your turn-sigh. Plus, if you haven't seen a 2 year old donkey kick, it's stinkin adorable. Every week there is a new skill, fun stretching exercises, an obstacle course and some colorful parachute time complete with "popcorn" balls. Oh, and Evan is a pro front roller now-take that 2024 Olympics!
A few weeks ago my sister came back stateside with a new addition to our family-baby Jakey! I am pretty sure I'm his favorite Aunt. :-) Anyways, we are happy to have them back in our neck of the woods for the next 6 months or so, and kicked off their stay with a Fall family get together(in 85 degree weather no less!). We ate, ooed and awed over the babies, and decorated pumpkins-good times!
 Cousin Vive's pumpkin won first place!
This past weekend we hosted Chris' sister and new boyfriend on their Fall break. The highlight for sure was our annual trip to the state fair...hello, it's tradition!
Yes, I ate a deep fried girl scout cookie. Let's call in a once in a lifetime experiment LOL.
With the start of MOPS, new babies to shower and little birthdays to celebrate, it's been a busy season. Stay tuned for adventures in Halloween costumes and hopefully some yummy Fall recipes!

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Lori said...

Enjoyed this post. And, Madeline and I are loving that pic of Bennett in the top left portion of your header. So cute!