Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brought to you by the number "6"

Bennett is 6 months old, can it be? Time is going by way too fast, I can't believe our "B bear" is half a year already. To celebrate, we all went to the Wilson Cake Shop when Chris got home from work and "cheers-ed" a cupcake in his honor. No buttercream for Bennett just yet, but we did enjoy our share of sugar while talking about our sweet little love.

Just for fun, here are a 6 "sprinkles" about Bennett.

1. He has the best, most content disposition and hardly cries or complains except for when he's tired or hungry. I could not have asked for a sweeter spirit.

2. He already admires his big brother so much. Evan can make him laugh and giggle with little effort, and every move he makes is carefully observed by those tiny blue eyes.
3. Blowing raspberries is his favorite new trick lately. And when he's not occupied with his paci, you better believe he's making all kinds of crazy noises-that is, in a good, mostly happy, sometimes smelly type of way.

4. "On the move" barely describes this one's mobility these days-he is so so active. Of course, he's not crawling yet, but he is certainly on a roll-literally! Not only is he a proficient roller, but he's also mastered the "scooch," and I'm praying that crawling stays far behind.!

5. Having started solids a little over a month ago, Bennett is following brother Evan's suit as a garbage disposal of food. He loves to eat! Pass the squash please. :-)

6. He is on the edge of sitting up. Every day shows leaps of new strength. Sooner than soon, I know he'll master this new milestone. He much prefers being on his stomach or being sat up to laying on his back-he's growing up so fast, too fast!
Words can't describe how much we love you Bennett Shepherd!