Saturday, February 4, 2012

I spy January

Here are some snapshots of our January, courtesy of the Iphone. There's just something special about finding these captured memories in your cell phone bank-these are the slices of life too precious to wait for the real camera. And for one reason or another, whether they make you laugh or give a sentimental sigh of "awww,"you're so glad you had your phone with you to freeze that moment. :-) Will I ever print these photos out? Probably not. Is the quality the best? Nope. But am I gonna blog them to ooo and aaaaa over for all time? You betcha!
Yes, that's our dog making himself comfortable in the infant carseat...
Angel baby
Brownies, blankets and boxes-a boy's best friend
This month's steal of a deal-these adorable slippers from children's place-$2.80 shipped!
Can you find his head?
Watermelon anyone? To the left is the newest addition to the wall, thanks to Pier 1 & GiGi. :-)
Homemade granola bars, and Evan's maiden voyage in our new "sit n' stand.":-)
Baby shower at Chris' work-so sweet!

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