Monday, February 13, 2012

Come out come out whenever you are!

So it's February 13th and guess what? I'm still pregnant! Baby boy made a miraculous flip at the last minute and bought us a bit more time for him to come naturally and on his own. However, it's been a week and no such luck! It looks like we may have a Valentines Day baby after all. :-) Tomorrow we are headed in for our re-scheduled c-section, and I can't be more excited to meet my funny little Valentine.

This morning, my last as a mother of one, I took Evan out for a special mommy-son breakfast at Chic-fil-et. I'm so thankful for this unexpected and extra time I get to spend with my first little boy!
This is my last official day with "the belly." Of course, who knows my water could break before I finish this blog and we may see him even sooner!  In any case, I am filled with gratitude for this new life and can't wait to meet this new baby boy, whichever day and however way God has perfectly planned for that to be. :-)

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The Swains said...

So excited for you guys! Praying for a safe, easy delivery, and a healthy baby!