Monday, October 3, 2011

Breaking News from Evan

Hey everybody, guess what?! I climbed out of my crib this week, and earned myself a "big boy" bed! I think Mommy was hoping to keep me in my crib until I was two, but I had other know, 17 month old plans.
My new bed is still my crib, except it's way easier to get out of now! I'm pretty sure I can climb in and out on my own, but mommy and daddy have told me to stay put until they get me- so I'm trying my best to obey the new rules. But boy, is it fun! Shhhh...don't tell mama...but yesterday...when I was supposed to be sleeping for my nap...I got down and played with my stuffed animals and race track! ;-)
Yep, I'm lovin' my new big boy bed.

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Auntie Sami said...

I love his new big boy bed! You guys should get him a race car bed when he gets older haa vaarrroom!