Sunday, August 21, 2011


It's been an off week. No doubt the sudden onset of nausea, major fatigue and almost constant headaches has had something to do with it. I've officially entered "that" stage of pregnancy. You know, the one where you begin to feel fat and not pregnant, where Gatorade becomes your closest companion and energy a long lost friend. The motivation to get up and go is at an all time low, and summer could not scatter sooner.

Thankfully, the coin shines much brighter on the other side. The side where indeed there is a tiny baby growing in my belly, slowly but surely stretching those jeans up a size. Precious few things in life are as special as this blessing of a baby, and the labor is not in vain. If only I could carry such a reminder around with me all the time! Please Lord, let this kindness write itself on the tablet of my heart. I confess, I've had a few "off" days lately, but hope to persevere in a happy attitude and thankful spirit in spite of my small and present inconveniences.

Counting my blessings...Thank God for my healthy, active, almost 16 month old, who has enough energy for the both of us yet is content to rest and watch cartoons when mommy needs it! And, for a husband who doesn't mind flopping dinners based on my appetite or having chicken noodle soup for supper(okay, it is homemade and the best soup in the world!). And above all, in the midst of this week, I am forever grateful to be reminded that His mercies are new every morning.

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