Saturday, August 6, 2011

13 weeks, for the record

As I look back and compare this pregnancy so far with Evan's, I am endlessly thankful for the scrapbook and record keeper that is my blog.

To start, I was curious about a few things and beyond grateful to find the answers to my curiosity safely kept in this faithful online journal. For one thing, I wanted to know at what point I'd loose my belly button again. Happily, I found that it didn't disappear with Evan until exactly 6 and a half months. Thanks for the peace of mind blog! On the other hand, I was surprised to learn that I had only gained a mere 1.5 pounds while SIX months along with Evan. I'm 12 weeks now and I do believe we've surpassed that benchmark already...ahem. Thanks for the reminder blog. ;-)

So in keeping with blogger tradition and preserving these precious memories for years to come, here is my very first "belly" shot. Me and mine just shy of 13 weeks.


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet! Congratulations!!

Man, everybody and their MOTHER is pregnant right now - seriously, you are one of 6 people I know right now who are pregnant. Makes me want one too!

Shayna said...

So pretty, Rebecca! I'm excited for you guys!!!! :)

jeanna said...

they, like your dress girl!