Tuesday, August 2, 2011

15 months and 12 weeks

As August sets into gear, my hands are full with a very active 15 month old on the outside and a tiny, growing little one the inside. I'm 12 weeks along this week and officially through the first trimester-hello goodbye, I barely knew you! Since finding out about this pregnancy a bit later than last time, this first milestone has passed us by in lightening speed. I remember counting the days at a tortoise's pace last time around; this time, I'm thankful for a busy season to keep us on our toes.

At 15 months, Evan is slowly making his way from babyhood to toddler times. I've noticed a big improvement in both verbal and physical coordination recently, which is to say we've got a lot of babble and running around going on-not to mention climbing! He is less and less content to sit still(and quietly) in carts and carseats, and wants to run and wiggle about wherever we go. And all I have to say to that is-snacks are a mom's best friend!

When did this guy get so handsome?
His favorite show is still Backyardigains, but we've also branched out to Thomas the train and Curious George(for mommy's sake, a girl can only take so much Nick Jr.!). He LOVES cars and trains right now, and in fact says "tain" just about a hundred times a day. And of course, everything is a "ball." Footballs, soccer balls, baseballs-he can't get enough of them. As a growing boy, his appetite is nothing short of grizzly, and I do believe the kitchen is his favorite room in the house. In other news, he is really into the classic "vacuum ball popper" toy and loves to push things around, especially the swiffer sweeper. We're currently working on two monster teethe right now, which brings the total to 11 I think....who knows what more could be hiding in there! Also, I've noticed that he's really picked up on the whole "clean up" idea lately and is a very happy helper in putting things away. Thank goodness!
Now to our next little guy or girl...At 12 weeks this baby is currently the size of a lime(2 inches or so in length) and weighs about 1/2 ounce. Reflexes are the big thing this week as baby begins to open and close eyes, curl toes and begin sucking motions with its mouth. Tiny toothebuds have formed underneath the gums while fingers and toes now have nails and are no longer webbed. All of the vital organs are in place now and starting to function, and will continue to develop throughout the rest of the pregnancy. And, while I can't feel it just yet, baby can bend and is actively kicking already. Oh babies!

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