Friday, May 13, 2011

A little week's end ketchup

Nothing too special, just a little "catch up" to bring my blog up to date and in line with life these days. To start, this week has been a blur. The beginning of the week brought beautiful skies, a dinner out, and a great Mary Kay appointment. :-) It was also sprinkled with a touch of a stomach bug and a Paula Dean sized dash of allergies, oh my!

Tuesday came with new friends. Evan and I met and had lunch with a sweet 15 month old little lady and her mom-it was great to share stories with someone in such a similar season of life, and we can't wait to get to know their family more.

On Wednesday, we had lots of fun hosting a family from our church for a yummy Spaghetti dinner, and on Thursday we were treated to cake and a cookout at a surprise birthday party for some of our dear Crossway friends, the Daniels. We are so thankful for all of the fun fellowship we had this week. :-)
Today is Friday, and I am so looking forward to the weekend! Nothing too notable about today-that is aside from my big crust flop at dinner. After pouring my heart into a delicious chicken pot pie, I was utterly defeated to discover I had used a "pizza" crust instead of the correct "pie" crust. I had them both sitting in my freezer from previous batches, and labeled them not.  Never fear, the Sharpie is out and the lesson learned! On nights like these I'm thankful for the garbage disposal that is my husband's stomach-he eats everything I put in front of him and almost always responds with an "mmm mmm good!" And, on the bright side, I guess this means we have an extra pie crust sitting around-I think I smell an apple pie in our future! :-)

Lest I write an entire post without mentioning my sweet boy, Evan is  full of giggles and new tricks this week. Specifically, he is really starting to mimic well and has been babbling the day away with all kinds of new sounds. "P" has been the predominant letter of the week. Chris and I are both pretty sure he's trying to push "Piper" out of mouth, and with some success at that.  Moreover, I can see now that he is connecting words/sounds with their actual meaning. So for example, he knows to look at Chris when I say "dada." Or should I say, when he says "dadadada." As I type I can hear him contently talking away to himself in his crib. Apparently the party starts at bedtime these days-the baffled bumper, bunched up blankets and tossed overboard stuffed animals tell the story all to well. ;-) Oh, and did I mention he's a walking machine now. I'm loving this age.

So whew, that was our week. Now to tie it all up with a relaxing redbox night, complete with popcorn, pillows, and a favorite pair of pink, cozy socks. :-)

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Anonymous said...

eww disgusting! I cannot believe you wrapped up a beautiful post with "those" socks! I loved last week even though we had some sickness roll our way, it was definitely one of my favorites!

Your prince garbage disposal