Friday, April 22, 2011

Meal Planning "Friday"

This is the plan, and I'm stickin' to it!

Monday-Chicken fettucine alfredo w/ sister shubert's rolls
Tuesday-Layered Mexican dinner and Spanish rice
Wednesday-Poppy seed chicken casserole with corn
Thursday-Good ole' faithful Macaroni
Friday-Chicken alfredo bake...because I am resolved not to throw away another "half" empty jar of sauce!

These days, meal planning and grocery shopping happen on Friday. I admit some weeks are more productive than others when it comes to planning out dinners, but this week I've found some fresh motivation...maybe it was that $10 off of $50 E-vic special from Harris Teeter!

Every week I eagerly look forward to perusing my favorite coupon match up site "Southern Savers," (which I have no doubt previewed on Wednesday when the stores start up the new deals for the week) and then gleefully collect my coupons. With coupons, grocery list, and arsenal of snacks in hand, me and my little are ready to go!

Today was especially exciting as I took home some great deals, and all for $31!!! Granted, we did make a separate trip the day before and spent $12 on the "buy 2 get 3" pepsi products promo-but all in all a great week for sticking to(and under!) our budget. Knock on wood.

And, because I have no new foodie pictures to present, here's one just as edible...


Anonymous said...

Those two little bottom teeth are adorable! Gigi

Josh and McCaffity said...

those are some really cute teeth!