Sunday, April 10, 2011


On Saturday we ventured to downtown Raleigh to go the Marbles Kids Museum. It was a great family outing and I'm already planning our next trip. :-) Evan loved every minute of our time there and really enjoyed the exhibits-and so did we! His favorites were the train table, lemonade stand(or maybe it was those sweet girls serving the lemonade), the fishing boat and well, almost everything. Can you say kid heaven?! I can't wait to make another trip when Evan is a bit older so that he can really interact with and understand all the fun things to do, like surfing and ice hockey! Between the dress up stations, life size transportation exhibits(firetrucks, buses & boats galore), pirate ship and veterinarian playhouse, Marbles made an A+ in my book!

Choo Chooo! All aboard for the picture train!
Ahoy Matey!
"I'll take one glass of lemonade please."

Future president?
Surf's up dude!
Family pictures!
Yes, two in one day!

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Shayna said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, Rebecca!! I love the surfing shot and the sweet family pictures. :)