Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter news

There's nothing like a parade of pictures to catch up on December! I've been so busy living and enjoying life lately that I haven't taken out much time to stop and blog about it. Between the holiday hustle and bustle and the ever present needs of our 7 month old bouncy baby boy, December has warped by us lightning speed and left us breathless in it's dust-or should I say snow!

Where to start?! Last Friday we were Raleigh bound for Chris' birthday. Happy 26th babe!
While we ended up having to take back his main gift, he did happen upon a brand new "Droid"  phone at Best Buy, and was more than happy with the trade off. And, since the phone was FREE that weekend, it was a Win-Win-Win situation for all. :-) He also got new running shoes and shorts, and is excited to put them to good use once we get our gym membership going.

Evan is almost 8 months old now and I can hardly believe it! I'm not comfortable at all with this new age, it's far too close to the big "one" and I want him to stay my sweet chubby cheeked baby forever! Seriously, could someone invent a "time freezer?" It would totally make Regis and Kelly's top 10 Christmas gifts, and I would be first in line!
On the work front, Chris continues to love his job at BB&T-especially during this fun Christmas season of cookie swaps, holiday parties and secret santa! :-) For me, this month marks a huge milestone as I wrap up work with GlaxoSmithKline to delightfully don the title of full time stay at home mom! Working as full time home manager, wife and mother is an honor and joy, and Chris and I are so thankful that moving to Wilson has made this dream a reality for us!

Also headlining the Scott family news this week-Dinner with the Powell's and company, Christmas shopping, a second snow and goodies from the Grandmas! Evan says thank you for his adorable winter outfit and soft, cuddly Christmas story bear...I think somebody's ready for his first Christmas!

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