Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christmas Trio

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Like a beautiful and delicious three layer cake, it's best described in three parts-Christmas eve, Christmas day, and the winter wonderland afterwards!

On Christmas Eve we started a new family tradition- a birthday cake for Jesus. We read the Christmas story from Matthew, sang happy birthday and enjoyed our cake as we celebrated the true meaning of Christmas. A few days earlier we enjoyed a joint church service to rejoice in the saviors birth and great sacrifice for us-a gift beyond measure and much greater than anything we will ever recieve wrapped under the tree. Thank you Jesus for your great and never ending kindness to us!
On Christmas morning the three of us shared a special time at home exchanging our family gifts and watching Evan with excitement as he welcomed his very merry first Christmas. At 8 months, I think he was more interested in the wrapping and bows, but was spoiled sweet none the less! After his morning nap, we headed to my parents house for more presents and a delicious prime rib Christmas dinner.

 Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way-oh what fun it is to ride to Goldsboro for Christmas day! See father and son looking dapper and dashing in their new winter wear...
After an entire day full of ribbons, bows and gifts galore, we wrapped up Christmas with ice cream Sundays, a fun game and a surprise giftcard palooza (which later made for an amazing Smithfield shopping trip-or two)!
The day after Christmas we were able to spend time and celebrate with Chris' mom and family who came down from PA. It would seem that they brought the northern weather with them as we awoke to a winter wonderland that day. White as far as the eye could see-and just one day after Christmas! It's now 3 days later and there's still snow and ice on the ground-watch out Wilson!
Evan's first Christmas was one to remember-thanks mom and dad, grandmas and grandpas, for making it so special!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend! :-)

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Lori said...

Merry Christmas! Enjoyed your recap. I especially love the bow pictures in the post below. He will enjoy those when he is older!