Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Images from the 09 NC State Fair

The weather was gorgioso for this years State Fair. Chris and I(mostly Chris) eagerly anticipate the fair every year; it's always a fun, colorful time to walk around, eat horribly unhealthy foods, and get a real taste of Carolina culture. The blue ribbon cakes, prized photography, shameless sham-wow stands, the village of yesteryear, the merry go round...I could go on and on about the fair. For one, it's not the NC state fair without a paper mache'd chicken...or cow for that matter.Ribbon Fries yum!Our traditional photo-we always take this one outside of the hush puppy mill. This is year 4!

We're so looking forward to next year's fair with our little one! I can't wait :-)

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