Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Today, Gone Tomorrow

Something went wrong with May. It’s come and gone like the morning dew and left us hardly any time to get ready for the day-or May as it were. As I look at my calendar at work this morning with a slightly turned head and perplexed expression, I am left in awe and wondering who pressed fast-forward on this year. June already. Summertime so soon?!

Summer. This summer holds many changes on the horizon, milestones to celebrate, much cake to eat, a myriad of fun places to see, and miles and miles to go. After missing May, I’m looking forward to savoring the summer, and ever thankful to a great God who changes times and seasons.

Coming soon in June-A trip to the zoo, Piper’s 1st birthday (and my first peanut butter-carrot puppy cake), patio grilling, ribbon bow making and poolside relaxation. The upcoming opening of our community pool equals much relaxation, exercise and Vitamin D. Can’t wait!


Shayna said...

I totally agree that this year has just zipped on by. :)

jeanna said...

sounds very fun. i also can't wait for the pool!