Monday, March 9, 2009

Welcome Back Spring and Jean Skirts!

This weekend was just beautiful! I couldn't ask for better weather, and hope it's here to stay :) Our trip to Goldsberry was great and filled with games, shopping and a sunny outside lunch at the picnic table-the first of the year! The weather was so nice we even put the top down in my mom's car and felt like movie stars:)
Piper probably had the most fun, playing non-stop with his best friend Bebe and enjoying my parent's wonderful backyard. Not to mention getting as much scraps as he could-another reason he loves my parents house :) Aside from our regular weekend chores-grocery shopping, cleaning, ect.-we also enjoyed a few great walks outside in the warm Springy weather. The picture below is at our neighborhood pool-it's not open yet, but still fun to walk around.
To top off the weekend, we took Piper to his(and ours) first ever dog park! It was sooo much fun, and Chris and I even had a great time! Piper was super social and a quick favorite of the other puppies and parents alike. The park was clean and had separate areas for big and small dogs, so Piper was well in his element. It was also off leash so he got to run around and get some great exercise. The area in general was a great discovery for Chris and I, as the dog park was just one part of this complex, which was also home to tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields and nature trails. I think we'll make it a Sunday afternoon routine :)

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