Monday, December 1, 2008

A Thanksgiving Medley

Chris and I had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving weekend with family. A few of my highlights, aside from a delicious Thanksgiving feast in Goldsberry, would be:

*My first experience in pie making-pumpkin and chocolate pudding to be exact. I actually made two pumpkin pies, considering that Piper got his sneaky paws on the first and devoured almost half of it before he was caught. Lesson learned-don't put out pies to cool on the edge of the counter! Needless to say, I got some extra practice in, and the second was better than the first if I do say so myself:) See Exhibit A: RIP Pie #1.

*Decorating the Abrahamson family Christmas tree. I'm was so glad to take part in this special family tradition even though I'm married and "grown up"'s such a blessing to be close to family, and I'm so glad we can advantage of it during the holidays :)

*Going to dinner at one of Chris' favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse, with mom and grandpa. Grandpa lives in FL, so it was a treat to see him over Thanksgiving.
*Shopping! While black Friday didn't turn out to be a sweep for us, I was able to get some great deals on a few Christmas presents. On Saturday, my mom and I spent the day shopping in Durham with my beautiful cousins Gara and Vive :) A leisurely lunch at an all time favorite PK Changs definitely iced our day.
Another milestone of the long weekend was having my mom spend the night at our house-a first in our married/grown up/homeowner life. It was alot of fun and I can't wait for our next get together. All in all, a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend-topped off with another great Sunday in church, playing with the kiddos and getting to know a friend better in the nursery:-)

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