Saturday, December 6, 2008

Adventures in Buttonholes and Ric Rack

I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to make this o-so-cute jumper for a certain cousin of mine. And while it's not without its share of novice mistakes, I'm pretty pleased with my first adventure in adorable jumper sewing :)
For this project, I mustered up the courage and learned how to make a buttonhole- as opposed to taking the easier velcro route. I was so excited to learn that my machine has it's own buttonhole function; it made the job so much less intimidating. I'm so glad I took the tortoises way on this one, and I'm happy to report that while it's certainly a learning experience, sewing a buttonhole was not all that scary!

In addition to my first buttons/buttonholes, I also pulled out the Ric Rack on this one. "Ric what?" It's that pink, zig zagy trim at the bottom of the dress, and one of my new favorite accessories. I just love my new hobby...who would've thought fabric could be so fun!


Lori said...

Two thumbs up! While you have the pattern go ahead and whip up a couple for us! Haha. She'll love it.

Jen said...

Wow your sewing is looking amazing!! Great job!! I saw the guitar cake i'm guessing you made your hubby! great job!!! hope you're doing well!!!