Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fun with Fabric!

Lately, I am overwhelmed with the sense to be creative! Chris and I went to the "Mill Factory Outlet" today, which is like the mecca of all fabric stores. So many to choose from, it's almost overwhelming. I have many new projects in mind. To start small, I'm going to try and "upholster" a picture frame made of unfinished wood(thanks Michaels, just $1.99!!!). If all goes well, I would like to learn to make curtains, pillows and much more! (I feel like sometimes I have these great ideas, but have zero coordination to back them up!)
Sewing is a skill that I would love to aspire to in the future. Other than being a fun and creative outlet, I believe it can also be very cost efficient. And chances are, if you can't find exactly what your looking for, you can probably make it!

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