Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Hello blog! As per usual, I am woefully behind on keep things up to date-I blame motherhood...and Netflix. Fall is here, and we are loving the crisp morning air and pumpkin cheerios. I can hardly believe that October is upon us so soon-it happened overnight! To start, we bid farewell to September with our fourth annual Brother's Day celebration. It was Asher's first and the boys were so excited to welcome him into this fast growing Scott family tradition of ours.

This year Brother's Day included the delicious Duck Donuts, our traditional cookie cake, Mellow Mushroom and more-yes, it quickly turned food themed lol! Otherwise we got to read to dogs at the library, exchanged lemurs for gifts(inside story), and the big boys went to the movies to see "Secret Life of Pets." Sugar + animals=win win. The day was topped off with an afternoon bike ride since Bennett had just gotten his new bike the day before, and it was perfect. It's our goal that these special days will make for lifelong memories and serve to knit these boys closer in brotherhood and friendship. I hope too that every September 17 beyond our four walls will bring them back together to do something fun and grand and adventurous, because that's what you do on Brother's Day. 
Things are chugging right along on the school front. Since we homeschool year round, we have already had our first track out and are now hitting the books again. Today we talked about R-changed vowels, drew jack-o-lanterns,  solved word problems, watched videos online about erosion and the letter Q,  read about King Sargon of Akkad and Snoopy the flying Ace(a la Charlie Brown) and more. Truly, these are precious days.

We are in two different co-ops here, and have already had a fun field trip to the fire station with one. I may have to dub October "community helpers" month as we are also visiting a recycling plant and the police station this month. A few days after visiting the firestation, Evan was asked to create a town in his geography class(with our church co-op). I smiled as he told me that he named his town "FireWest," as I knew immediately from where his inspiration came. I am also always humbled by these kind and brave men and women who take the time to encourage and educate our kiddos. Thank you Cary Fire Department!
Our other co-op meets weekly at our church and both boys have really come to look forward to seeing their friends on Wednesday mornings. Speaking of church, we are grateful to have found a new church home and have been so encouraged taking membership classes there. The boys have made fast friends and so have we-this has been an immense blessing in this transition from Wilson to Morrisville, and we are so thankful!
As we turned the page to October we had some unfriendly germs visit. I'm not sure from where they came but rest assured we've a small battalion of OTC meds to fight them off with. Bennett had the worst of it and was hit with strep and a side of Scarlet Fever. No typo there-Scarlet fever, what?!! Thankfully it turned out to be a mild case, and we know now to be very proactive if he ever catches strep again as his special dna is more prone to those types of crazy complications. I should also note that all of this transpired in a hurricane. Over the weekend Matthew swept up the coast and his NC hard with massive flooding and devastation. Though our immediate area did not experience as much flooding, we lost power for almost two days. To loose only a freezer full of food in the midst of such loss of life and property, we are continually thankful.

In other news, did I mention that Fall is here? This afternoon it was 66 and sunny outside. It was just perfect, and I look forward to embracing the outdoors a little tighter in the days to come.
The raccoon hat has returned! It will be a sad day indeed when these boys are too cool for animal hats. Also, this one is closing in on 11 months!
With a wedding around the corner, the state fair, births, birthdays, homecoming and Halloween, I know the rest of October will fly by. In the spirit of enjoying the everyday moments, I'll leave you with a snapshot of the big boys. What are they doing you ask? Here they are, in all their glorious naivety, trying their very best to "blow up the house." With a bike pump...#Ican'teven

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