Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Well check, check

Yesterday Asher had his 6 month well check-at 7 and a half months. Yes, I was a bit late on that one; I plead moving! On that note, I'll take a 15 minute drive to the pediatrician over an hour one any day. And as a bonus, daddy was able to take an early lunch break to join us-another perk of living this side of Raleigh. :-)
We are happy to report that our happy babe is growing and perfectly healthy at 18 pounds, filling out in all the right places and meeting his milestones. Even the shots weren't too bad, he took em like a champ-or so I heard...I got to skirt those with dad in tow!
What can I say about our almost 8 month old?  The first thing that comes to my mind is that he lives up to his name-he is one happy baby! He continues to be our most easy going, flexible guy-though this is probably more a product of being kiddo #3. Speaking of, he's just about the luckiest boy that ever was to have two big brothers to love on and entertain him all the day long. He's entered the "explorer" stage with gusto, putting any and everything into his mouth. He is SO close to crawling, no doubt that will be my next blog update. From what I can see so far, he loves the outdoors like his brother Bennett and makes himself at home in the sunshine. To see him ride outside around the neighborhood in his blue push car, sunglasses on and slouched comfortably to the side, one hand on the wheel-he is one cool cat.

In other news, we have officially moved into sz 12 month clothes and has the appetite to prove it. We're just starting drop one nursing feed per day and move to a 4 hr schedule with 3 full solid meals...for those of you nursing mamas, this is a big deal! Sniff sniff, you are growing much too fast little piglet.
Water boys playing in the pool with Poppy-Asher loves the water as long as it's not too cold!
Napping poolside-ie "flexible"
I can't say how thankful I am to have not one but three healthy children-it really is a blessing and we don't take it for granted. My heart hurts for those families whose doctors appointments are anything but routine. On these days when the normal vaccines are my biggest anxiety, I can't help but count my blessings. Asher Elliot, you are a good good gift to us and we thank God for you today and always. Happy 6..err 7...months sweet boy!
PS-I'm sorry for all the pink shirts. You rock them. ;-)

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