Saturday, November 28, 2015

Asher Elliot-Part 1: In the hospital

On November 16, we welcomed our third sweet son into the world. Asher Elliot made his debut at 11:16am, weighing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces-mommy's exact guess for the record! At 21 inches long, he's our little string bean. Even so, I'm in awe of how this babe fit in my tummy-oh the wonders of His love!
We were able to do skin to skin in the Operating room, and nurse for the first time soon after in the recovery unit. Here's a picture of the first time we met...
As cesareans go, this recovery has been a tough one. But, every day is better than the last and at almost two weeks out, I finally feel like I'm turning a corner and see the bright lights to better days close ahead. No matter, this hard part is such a short season in the grand scheme a path I'd walk over and over again to get to my sweet Asher-he is worth it all!
We have affectionately nicknamed Asher "Piglet" or our "little piggy" because he was came out of the womb oinking(and sneezing!). In his first few days of life he filled our hospital room with the sweetest squeals, and that with his perfectly pink complexion earned him the title of "Piglet."
I feel like this picture above reflects a lot of what the hospital recovery is all about-simply sitting and snuggling with baby. That's the part I'll choose to remember anyways. That and the total deliciousness of room service-unlimited jello and strawberries for this girl please! The pain of recovery, seemingly endless sticks and signatures, and  parade of people-these are less appealing aspects of the hospital stay.  Chris might add sleeping in a chair for 4 days-he's my rockstar. ;-)

We took advantage of Rex's new "baby's first pictures" program and it was really neat to see him have his first little baby shoot. This one below was my favorite. Get used to it buddy, mommy loves the camera and this is just the first of many crazy photoshoots and pictures to come (thanks to big brother Bennett, I will spare putting you in a pumpkin). 
Here we are meeting Gigi, Poppy, Grandma and Evan and Bennett for the first time! I have to say this first big brother meeting was not as pinterest picturesk-my big boys were pretty much more interested in getting snacks than meeting their new baby brother! No doubt these 3 and 5 year old boys had better places to be and couldn't be restrained in a hospital room for too long. A tiny bit of me was disappointed to miss out on that ideal first meeting, but thankfully a bigger part of me was okay with letting go, because that's our perfectly non perfect life. I'm happy to say-now that we've been home for a week-BOTH boys are so sweet to and smitten with their new brother!
This is us breaking free and heading home-praise God!!!
While Chris and I were away in the hospital, Grandma Sharon took such wonderful care of our big boys. We are so so thankful for her and were overjoyed to share in this special time with her. She took this picture for us before she hit the road back to PA-it's our first as a family of five. Pajamas, no make-up, silly boys-just perfect.

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