Thursday, September 5, 2013

On the first day of pre-school, my mommy said to me...

1. Be a good friend
2. Listen to your teacher
3. For the love, don't please pee in your pants.
This morning I dropped my first baby boy off at pre-school for the very first time. It was surprisingly, simply great! I'm not sure what I had anticipated-tears, separation anxiety, new-ness overload? I'm happy to say the whole thing was swimmingly easy, happy, exciting, welcoming, and just plain awesome. Evan was a rockstar! Truly, the director even said to me that he was so comfortable and at home there, like he'd been going for years. Just the right thing to say to this anxious, first time mom I think. In short, God answered our prayer for a good first day and gave us a great one.

It all started with some pancakes, syrup, and a song.
After the new morning scramble, we took our very first "first day of school" pictures. How handsome and grown up is he?
Drop-off was smooth and bittersweet. I was that mom, you know the one who stayed 5 minutes too long and took way to many pictures of inanimate(but important!) objects like backpacks and bulletin boards. Details people, details. Evan was a champ and after giving me a big bear hug said "bye mommy" and then coolly strolled over to play with new friends. And me? I was happy to see all of his preschool imaginings come true-no tears from this peanut gallery. A small part of me hoped he'd be upset to see me leave, but I quickly got over that and decided I liked it much better this way!

He was all smiles at pickup. What a great memory seeing his eyes light up as he spotted his little family waiting for him outside the school doors-and boy was I glad to see him too! As best as I can tell from the words of a 3 year old, it sounded like he had a pretty awesome first day. We celebrated with happy meals for lunch-the icing on this boys cake for sure!
I am so thankful for the opportunity to send Evan to preschool this year, and am glad we made this decision way back in December. I can't believe how fast September has come around, and look forward to all the fun preschool memories in the making! As I hashtaged my instagram pictures...#Day1Down #RockedIt

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so cute! Great job capturing the milestone!