Thursday, September 19, 2013

First annual "Brother's Day"

Dear blog, I'm excited to share with you a new holiday in the Scott house. Without any further to do, I present our first annual "Brother's Day." From this day onward, Brother's Day shall be celebrated on September 17 with much colorful pomp and circumstance-and cookie cake.
On Brother's day, we thank God for the gift of being a big/little brother. We share and love and adore each other just because we're brothers, with plenty of hugs and balloons to boot.
We had a great day, starting fresh at the breakfast table with a special song and cake and a few other surprises. Later in the morning we enjoyed a good couple of hours at the beach. (More beach blogs and pictures to come!)
We attempted a sand castle, walked along the shoreline and splashed in the sea foam.  It was extra special to celebrate at the beach this year and with Grandma! The boys both enjoy playing in the sand, and Evan even turned a few cartwheels in the water. So far Bennett has not stumbled upon any fear of the ocean, and loved the water and the waves(a gift from Poppy I think).

After lunch and naps we stopped by the outlets for "pretend" ice cream...
  and then Barefoot Landing, where we took the boys to see real life Tigers!!!
OK so the tigers we're exactly within reach but the boys LOVED seeing them romp and play together. We topped off the night with a cheeseburger from paradise, and thus wrapped up our first annual brother's day.

I do love having boys, and am so thankful to see them learn and walk together. My prayer is that this will be a special day to look forward to every year and that it would be source of fresh water to their growing relationship. I hope it becomes a family tradition they look back on with crooked smiles and fond memories as they move away and plant families of their own. Happy first "Brother's Day" to my sweet boys!

"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero" -Marc Brown
(and don't you forget it!)

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