Saturday, April 6, 2013

Turning Three

Evan is peaking over the edge of two and ready to roar into the big 3s. I say "roar" because dinosaurs are a pretty big deal if you didn't know-at least in 3 year old boy world. It's amazing how much he changes every month at this age, and we are especially loving his ever expanding vocabulary.

At "almost 3," Evan is completely daytime potty trained and knows all his ABC's and 123's. He is Mr. Polite, and starting to say those please, thank you's and your welcome's unprompted. He reminds me we need to be quiet in the library, and often tells me which way to turn in the car. What's really fun and new recently is that he is starting to sing songs out loud more articulately and with actual lyrics-so encouraging to see even those tiniest of fruits from our labor! I LOVE it when I catch him repeating back to me something we've taught him. Just the other day I was grabbing a quick snack of vanilla wafers and he says to me "mama you share with me? You have one, I have...two!"
As always, he loves his cars, trains, search and find books, and books in general. He is an "I Spy" and ahem "Ipad" pro. It's safe to say that he has stepped into the world of pretend with a bang! He loves to race his cars, chase Peter Pan's shadow, and play Peter Rabbit in his tent (everyone in the house has their assigned characters...I'm still wondering what I did to become Mr. McGreggor). Also, something tells me that superhero's are about to explode in this house. Not sure if I'm ready for that one yet. #boyworld

Here are some fun things he says nowadays...
In the morning when he get's up, he always asks "did you have a good sleep?" (Because we always asked he happily returns the question!)
He's all about sharing his blanket with mommy- "Sit with me mama, I share my blanket with you...super cuddles!!!"
Frequently while walking he'll spot an "x" on the ground and say ""X marks the spot!"
Many times when he falls down or clumsily runs into something he'll say "Don't worry, I'm OKAYYY"
My favorite which he says multiple times a day with enthusiasm is "Hmmm...I got an idea!"

Lastly, we recently took a dive into our first sporting activity-rookie baseball! But, that's a story for another post! I can't believe my first baby is about to be three. While I wish I could stop his feet from growing, I sure am enjoying every inch of this new season.

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