Friday, April 19, 2013

Play ball!

Blue socks and baseball pants, ball cap and cleats-check! This Spring we signed Evan up for his very first season of rookie basebseball with the Wilson Rec League. Truely, baseball is bigtime here in Wilson! Chris and I both have been really impressed with the program and are so happy with our team and coaches.

The Little Bulldogs had their first games this week...
Our coach is a local college student and Evan LOVES her!

Being a 3-4 year old team, Evan is not only the youngest but also the smallest on the team-and boy does a year make a difference. In hindsight, I think we could have waited a year but here we are and I'm committed to having fun out there on the field. Our expectations for what a 3-4 yr old team would look like have been blown out of the park-it's serious stuff here! I'm so proud of my big boy, every game/practice seems to be better than the last. Our major hurdles now during the games are teaching him to be patient in the outfield, while paying attention and being alert to run after the ball. In the "dugout," we practice cheering on our teammates while waiting our turn to bat. What good lessons for a growing toddler!  The games are also a little over an hour long, which I'm convinced is like a millineum to a three year old. It's a good thing we have team snacks to look forward to afterwards!
Notice Bennett's adorably supportive bulldog attire-he is his brother's biggest fan after all. I vote we make him the mascot! :-) He has already made a sweet new friend...
I think Evan's favorite part of the game is this hands in huddle-"Go Little Bulldogs!"
Lastly, the game ends with a line of high scores are kept, but everyone has a good time!

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