Thursday, December 13, 2012


"Nock-a-lers....I see you!"

Here we are in the middle of December, and I just wanted to take a quick moment in the midst of all the hollidazzle to jot down some fun "Evan-isms" lest we forget how darn cute 2 and half can be.

First of all, Evan is really getting into superhero's and all things rescue related. Most notably, firetrucks and policemen. Chief Evan is all about saving and rescuing, and is likely to be heard yelling "rescue meee!!!!" from the top of the stairs at any given hour of the day.

Thanks to mommy and Team Umi-Zoomi, he is all about counting these days, and often says "Count (with) me!" to just about everything. Also, he's turning into quite the manners man and often says "please, thank you and your welcome" unprompted.

His favorite things are cars and chicken nuggets. Below are a few pics from Wilson's annual Whirlygig festival last month-a visit from the Chic Fil A cow and a real live car were the highlights of his day.
Because we're potty training and not above bribing/rewarding successful potty times, gummy bears are his new favorite candy. "Yaayyyyyyy....gummmyyy bearssss!!!"

Like the "Cars" character Lightning Mcqueeen, Evan's favorite color was always red. Now, I've noticed he's gotten to the age where things like favorite colors change every day(more like every hour). It's pretty adorable-until it comes to food-and then it's pretty frustrating!

Other cute Evan-isms...
"Ooospie Daisy"
"Ohh myy!"
"Don't worry" (As in, if the batteries in his chuck truck are dead..."don't worry, I fix it")
"Slippy slidey"
"to the rescue!"(On that note, he can imitate just about any specific siren sound)
Where he used to say "Ready, set, goooo" he now says "Gentlemen, start you egines!"

Favorite songs-Michael Buble's "Jingle Bells" and Mark Broussard's "Emily."
He calls his brother "B bear" just like us, and has also assigned the family animal names. Evan is the rabbit(except at gymnastics, when he turns into a monkey while hanging on the rings.), daddy's a horse and mommy is the mouse. Not sure how I got stuck with that one!

There are many other fun things he says but for now, I'm glad to have taken a second to write these down. Kids really do say the darndest things.

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