Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Just quick post to document these tiny little wonders...

Evan is at a really cute stage where he is "wowed" by so many big and little things. And he expresses his excitement with an emphatic "WOOOWWW." It is really cute and fun to see that innocent little sparkle in his eyes as he takes in the world.
Just recently we went to the annual Christmas parade in downtown Wilson. Sitting contently atop daddy's shoulders, the parade inspired many an oooo, aaahh and woooowwww out of our little guy. The real life firetruck parked right behind our parade stop was also a constant source of awe...gotta love this life with boys!

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Sami said...

HeyBec! I just saved your site to my home page. I loved the gingerbread houses you made last year, it looked like you had a lil class of your own ;) also in ur Woww blog Pipers sweater is really cute, it reminds me of "where's Waldo" but with a twist!